What is Astrogenics


ASTROGENICS Mission Statement

The mission of ASTROGENICS is to use astrology as a springboard to Higher Consciousness, by helping each client identify the body-mind patterns (karma) that they were born with. This awareness of their vulnerabilities and strengths can assist them in the process of transforming their life into one that is more closely aligned with their Highest Good.

How is ASTROGENICS different from other astrological services?

ASTROGENICS is different from the average astrological interpretation due to its emphasis upon a client’s personal and spiritual growth.

My interpretations are predicated upon certain beliefs.

  1. You are not your chart. The real you is spiritual, and unlimited; whereas your chart represents a collection of the body-mind responses (Karma) that you have acquired during different lifetimes.
  2. The True You or Spiritual You, is here to experience and evolve those body-mind responses (Karma) in order for you to acquire a higher level of consciousness.
  3. The astrological chart is a very effective and expedient way with which to quickly reveal the lessons you have to learn in this lifetime, in order to grow to a greater awareness of your true, spiritual, unlimited self.

The goal of my readings is to help a client to move beyond a common belief that their astrological chart is a fixed and fated set of immutable characteristics which describe them, to a clear awareness that their astrological chart is a malleable tool for their spiritual growth and advancement.

There are four primary components to my interpretation, which are as follows:

  1. Identification of a client’s strengths
  2. Identification of the client’s weaknesses
  3. A discussion of the way in which a client’s strengths can be used to assist them to overcome their weaknesses.
  4. A discussion of the karmic aspects of their chart, and the ways in which their chart can be a “spiritual springboard” to a higher level of awareness.

I believe that this approach will help clients to most easily see what they came here to do, how to most effectively approach their karmic issues, and how to become more aware of their true selves.