Astrological Products and Services

ASTROGENICS offers several different products that can help you to achieve a greater understanding of the ways in which you are special from an astrological perspective. There are computer-generated astrological reports for adults and children, personalized reports for adults and children and a basic chart calculation service for beginning astrologers.



It’s important to know what you’re getting. Astrological products fall into several different categories.

  1. Astrological chart: this by itself is simply a graphic illustration that shows the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. It may also have the aspects and other factors displayed on that chart. No interpretation of the chart is provided. It is intended to provide a beginning astrologer with the information they need to evaluate a given client.
  2. Computerized Interpretation: this is done by a computerized astrological program which interprets your chart, according to a program that someone has written. There are a number of astrological programs out there, and my preference is to use John Halloran’s astrological software which has several excellent trademarked reports.
  3. Personalized Interpretation: this is the one that takes time. This type of report requires the knowledge and experience of a skilled astrologer. The astrologer looks at all the information in a chart, and endeavors to create a report that makes sense of the many variables present in the chart in order to yield a clear, overall picture regarding the astrological nature of a given person.

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For an Astrologer (or beginning student)

Astrological Chart (including the Black Moon, Chiron and Astrodynes report)
NO INTERPRETATION of what your chart means.
Cost: $15.00
(Sent to you as a PDF via email)


Computerized Reports

“These are an excellent computer-generated chart interpretation that have received high reviews by many. They are not, however, with the personalized interpretation found in the Adult or Child Natal Chart reports.”

Personal Path™ Professional natal report with astrological chart
No personalized interpretation of what your chart means, only the computer generated interpretation.
Cost: $30.00
(Sent to you as a PDF via email)

KidZone™ with Sun/Moon report with astrological chart
No personalized interpretation of what your chart means, only the computer generated interpretation.
Cost: $25.00
(Sent to you as a PDF via email)


Personalized Chart Interpretations 

Adult Natal Chart Interpretation:

The natal chart can provide an individual with a celestial perspective regarding what their natural inclinations, preferences, and potentials are with regard to the exact time, date and place of their birth.

When interpreting a natal chart, I couple my 47 years of astrological experience with my intuition, while using use a wide variety of factors that help me to discern the ways in which you are a unique individual. Those factors are, traditional astrological analysis of each planet in your chart with regard to its fundamental form of expression, and how it’s sign placement, house placement and aspects to it from other planets affect that expression.

In addition to the above classic factors, I add special interpretations of the Moon’s nodes, Black Moon, Sabian symbols, and Astrodynes (Cosmodynes) to my chart interpretation.

You’ll be provided with a computerized Personal Path™ Professional natal report, as well as a personalized, dictated report, which is a synthesis of the key elements of your chart that resolves its many variables into central themes.

It is my desire to use one product to provide you with as clear a picture as possible regarding the ways in which you are truly a one-of-a-kind person with special challenges and talents from an astrological perspective.

Cost: $185.00 (Sent to you as a PDF via email)
Cost: $200.00 (Printed and sent to you via US mail)


Child Natal Chart Interpretation:

Being the 2nd oldest of 6 kids, a father, and a K-12 teacher for over 10 years, I can easily state what is obvious to any parent… Kids are not miniature adults. The growth process is a complex one, and understanding how various astrological factors can influence a growing child is a unique branch of astrology; and requires a unique chart.

When interpreting a child’s chart, I use my experiences as a teacher, a parent and an astrologer to provide you with celestial profile of your child that employs many of the same elements of interpretation as the adult chart, but modifies interpretations in a manner that is appropriate for a child.

You will receive computerized KidZone™ with Sun/Moon report as well as personalized, dictated report on your child chart that also resolves its many variables into central themes.

Cost: $70.00 (Sent to you as a PDF via email)
Cost: $85.00 (Printed and sent to you via US mail)


Personal Consultations:

NOTE:  ALL personal consultations are done by appointment only.  Prior to the 1st appointment, I will need to know the exact name, date, time, and place of birth for any given client. This is necessary in order to do the preparatory work for the 1st appointment.

I’m available for personal consultations via telephone or Skype, and will be happy to discuss specific aspects of your chart during that time.

Cost $125.00.  An Initial Consultations costs $125.00 and last 60 minutes. Thereafter, the charge is $20.00 for each additional 15 minutes.