Child Natal Chart Interpretation

Child Natal Chart Interpretation:

Being the 2nd oldest of 6 kids, a father, and a K-12 teacher for over 10 years, I can easily state what is obvious to any parent… Kids are not miniature adults. The growth process is a complex one, and understanding how various astrological factors can influence a growing child is a unique branch of astrology; and requires a unique chart.

When interpreting a child’s chart, I use my experiences as a teacher, a parent and an astrologer to provide you with celestial profile of your child that employs many of the same elements of interpretation as the adult chart, but modifies interpretations in a manner that is appropriate for a child.

You will receive computerized KidZone™ with Sun/Moon report as well as personalized, dictated report on your child chart that also resolves its many variables into central themes.

Cost: $70.00 (Sent to you as a PDF via email)

Cost: $85.00 (Printed and sent to you via US mail)