Adult Natal Chart Interpretation


The natal chart can provide an individual with a celestial perspective regarding what their natural inclinations, preferences, and potentials are with regard to the exact time, date and place of their birth.

When interpreting a natal chart, I couple my 47 years of astrological experience with my intuition, while using a wide variety of factors that help me to discern the ways in which you are a unique individual. Those factors are a traditional astrological analysis of each planet in your chart with regard to its fundamental form of expression, their sign placement, their house placement and the aspects (angular relationships) to it from other planets.

In addition to the above classical factors, I add special interpretations of the Moon’s nodes, Black Moon, Sabian symbols, and Astrodynes (Cosmodynes) to my chart interpretation.

It is my intention to provide you with a personalized, dictated report, which looks at the key elements of your chart and synthesizes them into your central life-themes in this incarnation.

It is my desire to use one product to provide you with as clear a picture as possible regarding the ways in which you are truly a one-of-a-kind person with special challenges and talents from an astrological perspective.


Cost: $185 (as a PDF sent via email) $200 (printed and sent via US mail)



Cost: $200.00 (Printed and sent to you via US mail)