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What is Astrogenics


ASTROGENICS Mission Statement

The mission of ASTROGENICS is to use astrology as a springboard to Higher Consciousness, by helping each client identify the body-mind patterns (karma) that they were born with. This awareness of their vulnerabilities and strengths can assist them in the process of transforming their life into one that is more closely aligned with their Highest Good.

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About the Astrologer

About Me

Thank you for coming to my site. If discovering more about your “cosmic profile” and the hidden treasures that it may reveal is a chief motivator for you, then you’re in the right place!

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Astrological Products and Services

ASTROGENICS offers several different products that can help you to achieve a greater understanding of the ways in which you are special from an astrological perspective. There are computer-generated astrological reports for adults and children, personalized reports for adults and children and a basic chart calculation service for beginning astrologers.

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